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Guaranteed 100% Perfect Fit for Men and Women. The Athletic has been the #1 leather marching band shoe in the industry over the last decade. Uppers made of only the finest quality leather. Comfort and support features include: padded collar with achilles tendon wrap for maximum comfort and no blisters.  Women's sizes 5 to 12 including all half sizes. Men's sizes 6 1/2 to 15 including half sizes (except 11 1/2, 12 1/2, 13 1/2, 14 1/2). Available in medium and wide widths to ensure complete comfort for the entire band.Note: BE CERTAIN TO SELECT WHITE OR BLACK BEFORE ORDERING!

M.S.R.P: 44.50
Price: 42.00


Size: Women 5Qty:
Size: Women 5 WideQty:
Size: Women 5 1/2Qty:
Size: Women 5 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Women 6Qty:
Size: Women 6 WideQty:
Size: Women 6 1/2Qty:
Size: Women 6 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Women 7Qty:
Size: Women 7 WideQty:
Size: Women 7 1/2Qty:
Size: Women 7 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Women 8Qty:
Size: Women 8 WideQty:
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Size: Women 9Qty:
Size: Women 9 WideQty:
Size: Women 9 1/2Qty:
Size: Women 9 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Women 10Qty:
Size: Women 10 WideQty:
Size: Women 10 1/2Qty:
Size: Women 10 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Women 11Qty:
Size: Women 11 WideQty:
Size: Women 11 1/2Qty:
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Size: Men 6 1/2Qty:
Size: Men 6 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Men 7Qty:
Size: Men 7 WideQty:
Size: Men 7 1/2Qty:
Size: Men 7 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Men 8Qty:
Size: Men 8 WideQty:
Size: Men 8 1/2Qty:
Size: Men 8 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Men 9Qty:
Size: Men 9 WideQty:
Size: Men 9 1/2Qty:
Size: Men 9 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Men 10Qty:
Size: Men 10 WideQty:
Size: Men 10 1/2Qty:
Size: Men 10 1/2 WideQty:
Size: Men 11Qty:
Size: Men 11 WideQty:
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Size: Men 12 WideQty:
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